1. Does Hanson offer reconditioned units?
    a. Yes, we have a variety of units of varying style/ability
  2. Does Hanson offer both hot and cold style washers?
    a. Yes, Hanson offers Hot water, Cold water, gas and electric machines. Additionally we offer steam cleaning equipment, parts washers and a variety of other types of equipment.
  3. Does Hanson do repair/warranty work?
    a. Yes, Hanson’s service department offers both in shop and on site repair work.
  4. Can I get cleaners and other chemicals at Hanson?
    a. Yes, Hanson has a variety of degreasers, cleaning products and other chemicals available for your cleaning needs.
  5. Does Hanson have parts available for sale?
    a. Yes, Hanson has thousands of items in stock daily and available for order for you to do your own repair work.